What Do You Drink?

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Canadian dollar 1

“Beer is proof that God loves us.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Alcohol is the answer.  What was the question?” – Rapper The Streets

These indicate that we really go for drinking alcohol.  Of course, alcoholic drinks are a part of our life (It could be everything. J).  Wherever we go, whatever we do, we can easily find people who are jonesing for alcohol.  Also, there are lots of places to booze (Pubs are everywhere) and tons of drinks.  With hundreds of options, I am curious about which drink is more popular.  So, I asked to my buddies.


What do you drink when you go to the bar? Why?

Here is what they said. (Be careful: These answers are so simple that might not help you ;) )


William (26, M, Burnaby): I usually chug a Vodka Red Bull.  Red Bull gives me energy and the Vodka gives me buzz

Stefan (26, M, Burnaby): Rum & Coke.  I like the taste, and, um, that’s all.

Stephanie (26, F, Whistler): Vodka & Water with fresh lemon and lime slices.  It is low in calories and I stay hydrated.

Shawn (24, M, Vancouver): Kokanee.  I don’t drink wine or mixed drinks.  I just have beer, especially Kokanee. 


In addition, I asked a bunch of Canadian guys what their fave drink at the bar is (Thx to my buddy, Roy, for helping me).

Kevin (35) – Whiskey on the rocks

Darwin (30) – Guinness

David (2?) – Gin & Sprite (151-proof)

Stefan (28) – Gin & Tonic / Tequilla

Jay (30) – Caesar, Gin & Tonic, Salty Dog

Alex (29) – Guinness

Samuel (26) – Double Jameson on the rocks

Brandon (26) – Mojito

George (27) – Jagger Bombs

Jeff (?) – Caipirinha, Czechvar

Paul (33) – Baileys & Coffee   

Roy (34) – Vodka & Tonic in a short glass

Me? Kokanee (I’m not a Canadian, though)


See?  These are what most Canadians drink.  Some of them might be unfamiliar to you, though (How kind I am.  I linked some that you might not know).   Anyway, I can’t stand it anymore.  I wish I were in the pub.  My mouth is watering.  I could really go for a beer right now.  Let’s party!






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Git ‘r’ Drunk

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Women are sensitive and wishy-washy. Most gals can’t choose drinks well, so they usually don’t know how to order alcohol in restaurants. Most women like sweet drinks. When you are on a blind date, if you suggest the right drink, it will be a successful date for you. Let’s tear it up with sweet drinks.


Here is a list for a succcessful date:

1. KGB (New Zealand)

2. Vodka Cruser (Australia)

3. Hooper’s Hooch (Germany)

4. Corona Extra (Mexico)

5. Martini with Absolut Citron (Sweden)

6. HI-CHU (Korea)

7. Negra Modelo-Black Beer (Mexico)

8. Baileys (Ireland)

9. Sapporo (Japan)


In 2005, I read a magazine in Korea, Cindy the Perky.  There was a list of alcohol women like.  I couldn’t believe it.  I think HI-CHU sucks.  That is a drink just like apple juice.  Baileys is so sweet and weak.  Usually, we can drink it with milk and mix.  Then, we can feel the flavor of Baileys.  KGB?  Lots of gals request it in a club or bar.  If you don’t want to pass out, please be careful.  Otherwise, you might get loaded rapidly.  Don’t underestimate it.  I love Absolut. Although vodka has 40% alcohol, the taste is not that strong.  Look sharp! Otherwise, you might lose your mind.  I will give you a tip.  When women booze it up, they may think that at first Absolute Citron is weak.  So, you can demand lots of drinking from them.  But the alcohol is not as weak as they thought.  She’ll be loaded, and she’ll get comfortable with you.  Go, go, go I want you to have a good night with a lovely woman.  Make her yours.  Good luck. Go get ’em.!!!


Euroupean Beers

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For thousands of years, many people prefer to drink beer. The taste of beer also developed to satisfy people. Nowadays we can find a number of beers in every country. Among them, European beer tends to be considerably stronger than other country’s beers. Also, European beers can vary tremendously in appearance and flavor. European countries well-known for their beers are Germany, England, Belgium and the Czech Republic. So I’ll introduce you to some European beers. If you find beer which make you happy in our blog, don’t hesitate to booze it up. Let’s enter the world of booze.

ed9584ec8aa4eb84881Pilsner Urqell (Czech)
Pilsner Urqell is from the Czech Republic.
The taste was awesome and the aftertaste was clean. Most guys love this beer as much as most guys like women. Although the external shape and color is very common, the taste is out of the ordinary.




becks1Becks (Germany)
Most people think that beer’s original home is Germany. Among the beers of Germany, have you heard of Becks? The beer has less head than others. You might not like the taste.  You might say “ What the hell?” Because it tastes a little skunky.



duvel1Duvel (Belgium)
In contrast to Becks, Duvel has a lot of foam. Someone said “the most important part of beer is head”. If someone wants clear fragrance and fine taste, I recommend a Duvel.




bass2Bass (England)
Bass Ale is everywhere. I guess Bass’ strongest positive is that it is mild, and the fragrance stays in my mouth.
It’s gassy. Yeah, I can’t stand piss-water and this hits the spot. Nice, strong flavor and good taste for you.




stella1Stella Artois (Belgium)
This is the most famous beer. Probably, everyone has tried it. The taste also is popular so, the beer is loved all over the world. This groovy beer has strong flavor.  It’s trendy. If you haven’t tried it, get some right now.


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Many people enjoy eating steak.  I also enjoy eating it, but you should think about your health.  When you eat protein and fat like steak or pork-ribs, you should take care of your health.  Because steak consists of fat and protein, it’s harmful to your health.  Our body piles up cholesterol in our blood vessels when we eat steak. However, when you eat steak with wine, the wine will help the blood flow, and the wine will interrupt the protein and fat from being saved in our bodies.  Red wine is the best partner with steak.  It’s a fact. In addition, wine includes many good nutrients like vitamins.  So, we can absorb a lot of nutrients naturally. 

There are lots of entertainers who prefer to drink wine.  In Johnny Depp’s case, he likes chateau calon-segur (France). Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie like Marques de Riscal (Spain).  Be like them.  Junk the old and try the new.  Please don’t be dumb.

Some Popular BC wines

* Blasted church

* Red Rooster

* Jackson- Triggs

* Burrowing Owl

* Mission Hill

* Quails’ Gate Estate Winery

If you need more info, click on the links below. 




Beer Money

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 Many people wonder where the cheapest liquor store is in Vancouver. So we checked out the price of regular beer. I’ll give some help to you.  

              Store ( → )

Beers ( ↓ )   

Thurlow & Alberni

Robson & Homer

Denman & Barclay













Labatt’s Blue








Budweiser img_3623








There aren’t any big liquor stores in Vancouver. The cheapest beer store is at Thurlow & Alberni St. You can see all the alcohol in the world: wine, hard liquor and beer. Do you know that there are two types of stores in Vancouver? It has BC liquor stores and private stores. Most BC liquor stores close at 6 pm or 9 pm, but the one on Thurlow is open until 11 pm. However, I think that the employees there are not as kind as other stores. When I asked about the store, they seemed irritated to answer me. You can get lots more information via the link below. If you want to enjoy a cold one, go to the website.





How to Beat a Hangover

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hangoverI hung out with my friends last night downing whiskey and wine.  I don’t know how much I drank.  I couldn’t control myself, because I was totally caught up in the party.  However, today, I’m hungover.  I’ve got a nasty headache and stomach ache.  “This is bullshit!  I should have drank less.  How can I go to work?  Oh, my god!  I just want to lie in bed and put my feet up.”


Our Enemy

Yes, this is a hangover.  It is a very complicated biological phenomenon and truly an elusive foe.  Last night was awesome, but getting drunk poisoned my body.  I have to manage these morning-after symptoms.  How do I handle it?  There are DIY techniques for lessening the sting of a hangover all around the world.  These ways might help me to get rid of a hangover.



Greece: Drinking coffee mixed with lemon juice

Australia: Eating herring preserved in alcohol

Brazil: Drinking strong black coffee

Finland: Going to a sauna and sweating

England: Scrubbing their armpit with lemon

Korea: Having hot soup in the morning


The last way is “The hair of the dog that bit you”.  This surprising remedy calls for having a drink the next morning for the relief of a hangover.  Believe it or not, it works.  Plus, it has scientific backgrounds – Consuming alcohol may help by blunting some of symptoms, but will only aggravate the symptoms once the liver breaks the alcohol down, because the body will have additional toxins to deal with. –

So far, I have looked up several ways to relieve a hangover (If you have a unique way to beat a hangover, leave comments, plz).  Even though we know these things, we should keep that the most important thing – drinking responsibly – in mind.


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Fogg ‘N’ Suds: Around-the-World-Passport

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foggnsuds_logoLast weekend, my friends and I went to “Fogg ‘N’ Suds” for a drink.  We had passed it several times and had wanted to try it out, since we heard about its variety of drinks and foods.  With perfect location downtown (On Robson and Jervis, just up above Starbucks), it serves a bunch of beers from around the globe.


img_3675Around the world

Fogg ‘N’ Suds is a pretty sweet place, because it’s not too busy, not that loud, and there’s no crazy drunk people.  Everyone around me seemed chilled out.

We ordered chicken quesadilla, poutine, and each of us had one different beer.  None of these were bad.  Specifically, dozens of choices were awesome.

 Here’s a tip about this pub.  There are daily specials.  On each day, you can have special foods or beer at quite a reasonable price (e.g. on Wednesday, chicken wings (49¢), Mugs ($3.99) and Jugs ($13img_3683.99) of its draft beer).  Also, every day from 3pm to 6pm (It’s called Appy Hour), you can have Sticky Ribs, Gyoza, and Chili Prawns for just $4.99.


Service? It’s off and on.  The last time I went there, the service sucked.  We got sick of waiting for our food and the staff just wandered without eye contact.  However, this time, it was better (Previous waitresses are way more babelicious, though)


Let’s hit it!

Oh, here’s the most crucial thing.  Today, my teacher told me that when we go to Fogg ‘N’ Suds, we should try draught beer.  “Damn it!  I should have tried that.”  Next time, I’m going to try draught beer.  Do you have any ideas about it?  If so, leave comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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