Fogg ‘N’ Suds: Around-the-World-Passport

foggnsuds_logoLast weekend, my friends and I went to “Fogg ‘N’ Suds” for a drink.  We had passed it several times and had wanted to try it out, since we heard about its variety of drinks and foods.  With perfect location downtown (On Robson and Jervis, just up above Starbucks), it serves a bunch of beers from around the globe.


img_3675Around the world

Fogg ‘N’ Suds is a pretty sweet place, because it’s not too busy, not that loud, and there’s no crazy drunk people.  Everyone around me seemed chilled out.

We ordered chicken quesadilla, poutine, and each of us had one different beer.  None of these were bad.  Specifically, dozens of choices were awesome.

 Here’s a tip about this pub.  There are daily specials.  On each day, you can have special foods or beer at quite a reasonable price (e.g. on Wednesday, chicken wings (49¢), Mugs ($3.99) and Jugs ($13img_3683.99) of its draft beer).  Also, every day from 3pm to 6pm (It’s called Appy Hour), you can have Sticky Ribs, Gyoza, and Chili Prawns for just $4.99.


Service? It’s off and on.  The last time I went there, the service sucked.  We got sick of waiting for our food and the staff just wandered without eye contact.  However, this time, it was better (Previous waitresses are way more babelicious, though)


Let’s hit it!

Oh, here’s the most crucial thing.  Today, my teacher told me that when we go to Fogg ‘N’ Suds, we should try draught beer.  “Damn it!  I should have tried that.”  Next time, I’m going to try draught beer.  Do you have any ideas about it?  If so, leave comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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~ by Doobama on January 13, 2009.

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