How to Beat a Hangover


hangoverI hung out with my friends last night downing whiskey and wine.  I don’t know how much I drank.  I couldn’t control myself, because I was totally caught up in the party.  However, today, I’m hungover.  I’ve got a nasty headache and stomach ache.  “This is bullshit!  I should have drank less.  How can I go to work?  Oh, my god!  I just want to lie in bed and put my feet up.”


Our Enemy

Yes, this is a hangover.  It is a very complicated biological phenomenon and truly an elusive foe.  Last night was awesome, but getting drunk poisoned my body.  I have to manage these morning-after symptoms.  How do I handle it?  There are DIY techniques for lessening the sting of a hangover all around the world.  These ways might help me to get rid of a hangover.



Greece: Drinking coffee mixed with lemon juice

Australia: Eating herring preserved in alcohol

Brazil: Drinking strong black coffee

Finland: Going to a sauna and sweating

England: Scrubbing their armpit with lemon

Korea: Having hot soup in the morning


The last way is “The hair of the dog that bit you”.  This surprising remedy calls for having a drink the next morning for the relief of a hangover.  Believe it or not, it works.  Plus, it has scientific backgrounds – Consuming alcohol may help by blunting some of symptoms, but will only aggravate the symptoms once the liver breaks the alcohol down, because the body will have additional toxins to deal with. –

So far, I have looked up several ways to relieve a hangover (If you have a unique way to beat a hangover, leave comments, plz).  Even though we know these things, we should keep that the most important thing – drinking responsibly – in mind.


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