Euroupean Beers

For thousands of years, many people prefer to drink beer. The taste of beer also developed to satisfy people. Nowadays we can find a number of beers in every country. Among them, European beer tends to be considerably stronger than other country’s beers. Also, European beers can vary tremendously in appearance and flavor. European countries well-known for their beers are Germany, England, Belgium and the Czech Republic. So I’ll introduce you to some European beers. If you find beer which make you happy in our blog, don’t hesitate to booze it up. Let’s enter the world of booze.

ed9584ec8aa4eb84881Pilsner Urqell (Czech)
Pilsner Urqell is from the Czech Republic.
The taste was awesome and the aftertaste was clean. Most guys love this beer as much as most guys like women. Although the external shape and color is very common, the taste is out of the ordinary.




becks1Becks (Germany)
Most people think that beer’s original home is Germany. Among the beers of Germany, have you heard of Becks? The beer has less head than others. You might not like the taste.  You might say “ What the hell?” Because it tastes a little skunky.



duvel1Duvel (Belgium)
In contrast to Becks, Duvel has a lot of foam. Someone said “the most important part of beer is head”. If someone wants clear fragrance and fine taste, I recommend a Duvel.




bass2Bass (England)
Bass Ale is everywhere. I guess Bass’ strongest positive is that it is mild, and the fragrance stays in my mouth.
It’s gassy. Yeah, I can’t stand piss-water and this hits the spot. Nice, strong flavor and good taste for you.




stella1Stella Artois (Belgium)
This is the most famous beer. Probably, everyone has tried it. The taste also is popular so, the beer is loved all over the world. This groovy beer has strong flavor.  It’s trendy. If you haven’t tried it, get some right now.


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