Git ‘r’ Drunk

Women are sensitive and wishy-washy. Most gals can’t choose drinks well, so they usually don’t know how to order alcohol in restaurants. Most women like sweet drinks. When you are on a blind date, if you suggest the right drink, it will be a successful date for you. Let’s tear it up with sweet drinks.


Here is a list for a succcessful date:

1. KGB (New Zealand)

2. Vodka Cruser (Australia)

3. Hooper’s Hooch (Germany)

4. Corona Extra (Mexico)

5. Martini with Absolut Citron (Sweden)

6. HI-CHU (Korea)

7. Negra Modelo-Black Beer (Mexico)

8. Baileys (Ireland)

9. Sapporo (Japan)


In 2005, I read a magazine in Korea, Cindy the Perky.  There was a list of alcohol women like.  I couldn’t believe it.  I think HI-CHU sucks.  That is a drink just like apple juice.  Baileys is so sweet and weak.  Usually, we can drink it with milk and mix.  Then, we can feel the flavor of Baileys.  KGB?  Lots of gals request it in a club or bar.  If you don’t want to pass out, please be careful.  Otherwise, you might get loaded rapidly.  Don’t underestimate it.  I love Absolut. Although vodka has 40% alcohol, the taste is not that strong.  Look sharp! Otherwise, you might lose your mind.  I will give you a tip.  When women booze it up, they may think that at first Absolute Citron is weak.  So, you can demand lots of drinking from them.  But the alcohol is not as weak as they thought.  She’ll be loaded, and she’ll get comfortable with you.  Go, go, go I want you to have a good night with a lovely woman.  Make her yours.  Good luck. Go get ’em.!!!



~ by rasilee97 on January 14, 2009.

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  1. Wow! GR8 picture!

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