What Do You Drink?

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“Beer is proof that God loves us.” – Benjamin Franklin

“Alcohol is the answer.  What was the question?” – Rapper The Streets

These indicate that we really go for drinking alcohol.  Of course, alcoholic drinks are a part of our life (It could be everything. J).  Wherever we go, whatever we do, we can easily find people who are jonesing for alcohol.  Also, there are lots of places to booze (Pubs are everywhere) and tons of drinks.  With hundreds of options, I am curious about which drink is more popular.  So, I asked to my buddies.


What do you drink when you go to the bar? Why?

Here is what they said. (Be careful: These answers are so simple that might not help you ;) )


William (26, M, Burnaby): I usually chug a Vodka Red Bull.  Red Bull gives me energy and the Vodka gives me buzz

Stefan (26, M, Burnaby): Rum & Coke.  I like the taste, and, um, that’s all.

Stephanie (26, F, Whistler): Vodka & Water with fresh lemon and lime slices.  It is low in calories and I stay hydrated.

Shawn (24, M, Vancouver): Kokanee.  I don’t drink wine or mixed drinks.  I just have beer, especially Kokanee. 


In addition, I asked a bunch of Canadian guys what their fave drink at the bar is (Thx to my buddy, Roy, for helping me).

Kevin (35) – Whiskey on the rocks

Darwin (30) – Guinness

David (2?) – Gin & Sprite (151-proof)

Stefan (28) – Gin & Tonic / Tequilla

Jay (30) – Caesar, Gin & Tonic, Salty Dog

Alex (29) – Guinness

Samuel (26) – Double Jameson on the rocks

Brandon (26) – Mojito

George (27) – Jagger Bombs

Jeff (?) – Caipirinha, Czechvar

Paul (33) – Baileys & Coffee   

Roy (34) – Vodka & Tonic in a short glass

Me? Kokanee (I’m not a Canadian, though)


See?  These are what most Canadians drink.  Some of them might be unfamiliar to you, though (How kind I am.  I linked some that you might not know).   Anyway, I can’t stand it anymore.  I wish I were in the pub.  My mouth is watering.  I could really go for a beer right now.  Let’s party!






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